How far is Parys from Johannesburg? +-120km. About an hour’s drive, and therefore an ideal weekend getaway spot.


Explore the lively and unique town of Parys, Free State! Set on one of the most beautiful stretches of the mighty Vaal River, close to the Vredefort Dome (the oldest and largest visible meteorite impact site on earth). That’s right! The largest (visible) meteorite impact site on earth is located in the Free State at Vredefort. The crater (or dome) was formed when a meteorite fell to Earth more than 4 billion years ago smashing into the earth near Vredefort. Most noteworthy, it’s estimated to have been around 300km wide and is also the oldest impact crater in the world. Consequently, the area has been named one of South Africa’s World Heritage Sites. Parys is in the 5 km buffer zone of the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site.

A small and peaceful town in the Free State offering peace, tranquility, fine restaurants, restful accommodation and a broad range of activities.


Parys makes for an affordable and restful vacation choice from the hustle and bustle of city life, and also offers a wide range of accommodation options, outdoor activities, restaurants, shops, craft markets as well as weddings, function and conference venues. Recharge your batteries in the tranquility of wide open spaces, star filled skies . Enjoy the warm hospitality of this magical little town in the Free State. Explore the main street (Breë) by foot, indulge in delicious food, craft stores and boutiques. Find yourself a bargain. Get lost in the many antique furniture stores filled with collectables and wonderful treasures. Quench your thirst with a craft beer or cocktail at one of the unique bars. Take a short drive over the river and visit the brewery. There’s simply too many things to do in Parys in one weekend, therefore you’ll need to return and explore much more.

Hoi Polloi - Parys Restaurants

Parys has awesome restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops

Indulge in delicious food. Enjoy live music. Find romantic, fine-dining restaurants. There are also plenty of kid-friendly restaurants. Parys will satisfy your senses.


Accommodation on the Vaal River

Find peace, tranquility and adventure in wide open spaces. Explore Parys and the Vredefort Dome by foot, mountain bike, kayak or inflatable, while you take in all the wonder. Leave the city behind.

things to do in Parys


things to do in Parys

Parys flyfishing venues are some of the best in South Africa

Flyfish for smallmouth and largemouth yellowfish, Carp and Barbel in some of the most beautiful scenery in SA!


Enjoy some of the best white water river rafting In south africa

For the wild at heart. Find adventure in the Vredefort Dome. The Vaal river around Parys is popular for adventure activities like river rafting, zip-lining and abseiling. Probably why it’s an ideal place for bachelor parties, conferences and team building events.


things to do in Parys

Enjoy world-class sport and tandem skydiving in the heart of the South Africa’s adventure capital, Parys.

With highly experienced instructors, superb safety record and breathtaking views over the Vaal River. There is no better place to experience the thrill of Skydiving!


Play a round of Golf on one of our two premier Golf Courses

Test your skill! Enjoy scenery like no other. What could be better than a round of Golf in beautiful nature, next to the Vaal river?

Golf Courses in Parys, Free State


Other activites / things to do in Parys:



Interesting facts about Parys & The Vredefort Dome

A certain Mr Schilbach (A German surveyor, who served in the Franco-Prussian war and who had taken part in the Siege of Paris) thought the Town reminded him of Paris on the River Seine. As a result, the town got it’s name.

During the Anglo-Boer, The town and Vredefort Dome area was the scene of much guerrilla warfare due to the hills, river and woody islands being ideal positions for snipers. The islands on the Vaal River were also inhabited by fugitives and deserters. They snuck across the river and hid in the natural vegetation. Probably because the islands were natural territory, due to the fact that they didn’t belong to either the Orange Free State or the Transvaal.

Frik du Preez, the great Springbok rugby player (named South Africa’s rugby player of the 20th century), was educated at Parys High School

Stompie Seipei, who was a freedom fighter during the time of Apartheid is one of the most outstanding citizens from Parys/Tumahole. Furthermore, Stompie joined the fight at an age of only 10 years. He got arrested a few times and was kidnapped on 29th of December 1988 by Mandela United Football Club. Which were Winnie Mandela’s bodyguards.